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penbeetreewood ([personal profile] penbeetreewood) wrote on April 27th, 2006 at 10:40 pm
Avatar Music Post
I've been plunking away at this and uploading whenever I get the chance. Since YSI no longer is enough for the demand of these pieces, I've uploaded them to megaupload and consolidated them all in one handy-dandy spot.

Will be updated from time to time--I'll alert [ profile] musicbending and [ profile] avatar_fans when these've been updated. All these music files are ripped directly from episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and so will contain some sound-effects.

Audio rips done by [ profile] penbeetreewood.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (c) Nickelodeon
Music by The Track Team
(see link for non-downloadable streams of the soundtrack without sound-effects)

Other downloadable music (not ripped by me) can be found at the audio page on
This includes the Four Seasons song (sung by Iroh in Episode 18: The Waterbending Master) and the hippie's songs (from Episode 22: Cave of the Two Lovers)

All files in .mp3 format unless otherwise stated. Any package of two or more selections is contained in a .zip file. You will need an extraction program to unzip these (Windows generally comes with an unzipping program).

Miscellaneous Music

Audio-Pack Download Link
Date Updated

I Believe
(1) At the end of the Opening Sequence, right after Katara says "...but I believe Aang can save the world" - [requested by [ profile] pooq45]
original post

Episode 13: The Blue Spirit

Audio-Pack Download Link
Date Updated

Blue Spirit
Pack I
(1) The Blue Spirit's first appearance
(2) The Blue Spirit on the move through the fortress
(3) The Blue Spirit and the Avatar escape (part 1)
original post

Blue Spirit
Pack II
(1) The Blue Spirit and the Avatar escape (part 2) (contains many sound-effects and some dialogue) - [requested by [ profile] jazmin22]
(2) Zuko's troubled sleep
NEW! 04-27-06

Episode 20: The Seige of the North, Part 2

Audio-Pack Download Link
Date Updated

Avatar Spirit Aang
(1) As Aang transforms into the Avatar State (contains the line: "No, it's not over") - [requested by [ profile] pooq45]
(2) The next long sequence in which Aang is kicking Fire Nation soldiers into the sea - [requested by [ profile] pooq45]
original post

Comment, please. If you choose to use them elsewhere, please credit. That is all.

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