05 September 2007 @ 02:30 am
[New Layout] Eternal Edition  
I didn't have much to do for part of the day, so I gave the layout a complete overhaul. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out (considering I'm totally lacking my laptop's resources...*sniffle*), and (as always) I think I have too much fun with the text. The colors are pleasant, the layout is far crisper than the Beauty and the Beast one, and it actually contains my artwork, for once. It's been a while since I've done a layout with my own art. Generally those look pretty crappy, but I like this one.

Yes, there are ads, but I'm too lazy and cheap to buy a two-month sub and make them go away.

Dorky text stuff (so if the layout ever needs to be fixed, I can remember it all):

(page titles)
* challenges to push us to our limit! - recent entries/journal title
* don't tell me you're keeping score now... - subtitle
* a ninja who abandons their friends is lower than trash - friends page (obito's line, naturally)

* Rock Paper Scissors! - recent journal entries (well, I like it)
* Score: 50/49 - calendar
* Teammates - friends page
* へのへのもへじ - profile - henohenomoheji

* icha.icha.fanfiction - fanfic archive
* art.of.genjutsu - deviant art - genjutsu is an illusionary jutsu...hence devart
* explosive.tags - tags page (for sorting journal entries)
* ninja.arsenal - resource post
* a.n.b.u - rp - seemed appropriate for a gw rp

* Did you say something? (for my entries)
* 1 cool response. / # cool responses. (for my entries)
* I challenge you! (for friends' entries)
* 1 challenge of stamina. / # challenges of stamina. (for friends' entries)

* Hip Modern Attitude (mood)
* Youthful Melody (sound)
* Training Fields (place)

Does anyone know of a Kakashi and Gai (or just one of them, even) mood theme? This poor Team Gai theme has been up forever, and all of the other ones I have just wouldn't work for this layout.
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