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2007-09-05 02:30 am

[New Layout] Eternal Edition

I didn't have much to do for part of the day, so I gave the layout a complete overhaul. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out (considering I'm totally lacking my laptop's resources...*sniffle*), and (as always) I think I have too much fun with the text. The colors are pleasant, the layout is far crisper than the Beauty and the Beast one, and it actually contains my artwork, for once. It's been a while since I've done a layout with my own art. Generally those look pretty crappy, but I like this one.

Yes, there are ads, but I'm too lazy and cheap to buy a two-month sub and make them go away.

Eternal Edition...guess who! )

Does anyone know of a Kakashi and Gai (or just one of them, even) mood theme? This poor Team Gai theme has been up forever, and all of the other ones I have just wouldn't work for this layout.
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2006-12-27 07:33 pm
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2006-08-09 06:11 pm

Desktops [because you can't have enough Sokka]

So...I was going through some of my old stuff and found some desktops I made a while back.

download all widescreen format 4.33 MB
download all standard format 2.31 MB
download all "letterbox" format 1.66 MB

for more information, to preview, or to download individually: see under the cuts

eternal opposition: fire & water )

tough love: sokka & suki )

man of many faces: sokka )

jack de sena & dante basco )

pre-comic-con 2006 hype )

- comments are nice
- do not redistribute without permission
- do not hotlink
- characters (c) nickelodeon

Now I'm thinking that I need to make me a shiny new desktop...Wufei would be nice. I miss Wufei (I miss some of the now defunct Wufei shrines, too). Anybody else want a GW desktop?
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2006-07-29 05:55 pm
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Comic Con Photos

Today must've been Avatar day or something! There were a few ATLA episodes on midday, Bulletproof Monk's on now (with Mako...aka Iroh), Hook was on earlier (with Dante Basco, aka Zuko), and Hope Floats before that (with Mae Whitman, aka Katara). Now all we need is Star Wars (Mark Hammil, aka Ozai), and The Patriot or HP: Chamber of Secrets (Jason Issacs, aka Zhao)... Why oh why can't Jack De Sena be in more stuff?

That said, we have pictures!!!

Sixwing requested them, and I planned to post them anyway. I didn't take very many this year, since the novelty of photographing booths and stuff wore off and most of the great costumes were on Saturday (the panel day...and I was saving my pics for the panel--good thing, too, since I wasted a lot of space on those ^_^), but I've included a few of the ones I did take over the course of Saturday and Sunday. ^_^ Enjoy.

The Convention Center )

The Panel )

Cosplayers )

Booths )

Chibu & Me )

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2006-04-27 10:40 pm

Avatar Music Post

I've been plunking away at this and uploading whenever I get the chance. Since YSI no longer is enough for the demand of these pieces, I've uploaded them to megaupload and consolidated them all in one handy-dandy spot.

Will be updated from time to time--I'll alert [ profile] musicbending and [ profile] avatar_fans when these've been updated. All these music files are ripped directly from episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and so will contain some sound-effects.

Audio rips done by [ profile] penbeetreewood.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (c) Nickelodeon
Music by The Track Team
(see link for non-downloadable streams of the soundtrack without sound-effects)

Other downloadable music (not ripped by me) can be found at the audio page on
This includes the Four Seasons song (sung by Iroh in Episode 18: The Waterbending Master) and the hippie's songs (from Episode 22: Cave of the Two Lovers)

All files in .mp3 format unless otherwise stated. Any package of two or more selections is contained in a .zip file. You will need an extraction program to unzip these (Windows generally comes with an unzipping program).

Miscellaneous Music )

Episode 13: The Blue Spirit )

Episode 20: The Seige of the North, Part 2 )

Comment, please. If you choose to use them elsewhere, please credit. That is all.

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2006-02-07 12:46 am
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In a desperate attempt to keep things neater than they have been, I've moved the resources off my user info and onto this post. Joy.

EDIT: In the interest of keeping things together, and keeping icons separate from my personal journal, I moved this to my icon journal [ profile] penbeegraphics.