09 August 2006 @ 06:11 pm
Desktops [because you can't have enough Sokka]  
So...I was going through some of my old stuff and found some desktops I made a while back.

download all widescreen format 4.33 MB
download all standard format 2.31 MB
download all "letterbox" format 1.66 MB

for more information, to preview, or to download individually: see under the cuts

eternal opposition: fire & water )

tough love: sokka & suki )

man of many faces: sokka )

jack de sena & dante basco )

pre-comic-con 2006 hype )

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- characters (c) nickelodeon

Now I'm thinking that I need to make me a shiny new desktop...Wufei would be nice. I miss Wufei (I miss some of the now defunct Wufei shrines, too). Anybody else want a GW desktop?
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29 July 2006 @ 05:55 pm
Comic Con Photos  
Today must've been Avatar day or something! There were a few ATLA episodes on midday, Bulletproof Monk's on now (with Mako...aka Iroh), Hook was on earlier (with Dante Basco, aka Zuko), and Hope Floats before that (with Mae Whitman, aka Katara). Now all we need is Star Wars (Mark Hammil, aka Ozai), and The Patriot or HP: Chamber of Secrets (Jason Issacs, aka Zhao)... Why oh why can't Jack De Sena be in more stuff?

That said, we have pictures!!!

Sixwing requested them, and I planned to post them anyway. I didn't take very many this year, since the novelty of photographing booths and stuff wore off and most of the great costumes were on Saturday (the panel day...and I was saving my pics for the panel--good thing, too, since I wasted a lot of space on those ^_^), but I've included a few of the ones I did take over the course of Saturday and Sunday. ^_^ Enjoy.

The Convention Center )

The Panel )

Cosplayers )

Booths )

Chibu & Me )

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