penbeetreewood: (Oopsie)
penbeetreewood ([personal profile] penbeetreewood) wrote on September 18th, 2006 at 07:37 am
Toph always has some good lines (not as good as Sokka's, but nice little snarky things nonetheless). Taang's one of my favorite pairings for Toph and definitely a cute one. She is, admittedly, one of the few girls other than Suki who I would dare to pair with Sokka (and be very happy about it) that says something for her from my pov, I think.

There's a Sokka/Suki comm [ profile] sokka_suki if you're interested. ^_^ There isn't ever a lot going on, but now with this new stuff to work with, maybe we'll get a bit more. Hopefully. When I finish my new (working on it now) Sokka/Suki desktop, I'll probably post it there. It'll feature caps from the new episode, if you're interested.
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